About Us

We would like to introduce ourselves; we are Golden Pack Group one of the largest groups not only in Egypt but also in the Middle East. Our Group includes the International Company For Food Industries (Golden pack), HB For Food Industries and El Safa For Food Industries, Our group is producing a wide range of products in the fields of bakery ingredients. We have been in the Egyptian market for over 30 years.

Let me give you a brief about our different sectors:

  • Topping & Filling Creams

    Topping Cream - Cream Patisserie- Filling Cream

  • Cake Mixes & Additives

    Sponge cake powder- Black Forest cake powder- white muffin- chocolate muffin -chocolate cake- Engato gel -Vanillin Crystal -Baking powder -Tin Grease

  • Cake & Bread Improve

    Energy bread improve - Croissant improver- Power bread improver -Pizza improver

  • Glazing Jelly (Hot & Cold Application)

    Piping jelly (strawberry -pineapple-apricot-orange- transparent) - Jelly Fix (neutral & colorless)

  • Ice Cream Mixes & Its Additives

    Ice cream Powder Mix (vanilla – strawberry -pineapple- Carmel-hazelnut-mango) - Mousse Powder Mix (vanilla- strawberry) Custard Powder Mix (Vanilla-strawberry)

  • Chocolate

    Plain Compound Chocolate - Milk Compound Chocolate - White Compound Chocolate - Dark Compound Chocolate - Real Plain Chocolate

  • Fruit filling & Jams

    Sour cherry fruit filling - Sweet cherry fruit filling - Raspberry fruit filling- Blackberry fruit filling- Blueberry fruit filling- Strawberry - apple fruit filling- Sour cherry jam- Sweet cherry jam- Raspberry jam- Blackberry jam- Strawberry jam pieces

  • Bread Mixes & Additives

    Gold Corn Bread Mix- Kraft Bread Mix- mult Bread Mix- Baguette Bread Mix- Spicy Bread Mix- Golden Rye Bread Mix- Whole Meal Rye Bread Mix- Oat Flaks- Pumpkin Seed- Line Seeds- Sun-Flower Seeds- Multi Seeds For Decoration

  • Candied Glazed Cherries (Red, green, yellow), Fondant Hazelnut paste

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